Nature’s Balance

“I needed to paint, to feed my soul.”
This series, a triptych, is titled ‘Nature’s Balance I, II, III.

'Nature's Balance' I

“The ideas that have lighted my way have
been kindness, beauty and truth.”
- Albert Einstein

IMG-20130212-01129Terry deep at work.

'Nature's Balance' detailDetails of Nature’s Balance

detail of 'Nature's Balance'

TD Artist

TD Artist at work


Dimensions are 13′ wide x 8′ 6″ high

We were given the opportunity to work on an exhibit wall for Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington as a commemoration to Dr. John Bastyr.  The Pacific Science Center in Seattle asked us to design the wall and they would install it.

We were given an old photo of Dr. Bastyr as a young man which we loved, but the poor quality made us have to do some photoshop work to get it to enlarge and still look good.

Along with the old photos of Dr Bastyr we were worked with photos of the grounds of their beautiful campus. It was incredible learning about this school and the history of their roots.

The wall is to commemorate Dr Bastyr and his philosophy which is:

·       Treat the patient, not the disease
·       Support the body’s innate capacity for healing
·       Use touch; listen carefully

Bastyr background hi res 20inchesI’ve taken black and white photographs of hands for over twenty years and I love to see where they are going to show up in a project.The hands that we used in the Bastyr project are of my husband and my two sons when the boys were growing up. We wanted to use these in this project since they exude a sense of community and ultimately touch. Dr Bastyr was known to teach his students that they needed to know the power of touch in order to really heal their clients.

Am gingsing

The botanicals that we used in the background of the exhibit wall covering are all herbs that are used for medicinal purposes and the use of them is taught at the school.

Bastyr background hi res 20inchesThe three panels are raised off of the back wall covering and explain the history of the school. The books in the lower right hand corner can be opened where you will find a QR code that will direct you to the website so that you can read more about the schools rich history. We also wanted the books, which are also raised with hinges, to be a place holder for an audio component in the future.

This background montage was printed in three pieces onto a rigid surface and then mounted to the wall. The whole space was transformed once the walls were painted and the exhibit panels went in.

Museum exhibit design is really fascinating and allows us as designers to learn so much and try many different design techniques. It’s a lasting design that educates others and to me that is so satisfying.

It was a pleasure working with Diana Johns the Director of Exhibits at the Pacific Science Center, Jennifer Hendrix our curator/writer and all of the people on the project. It went smooth from start to finish.

“The exhibit has turned out fabulously . . . It all turned out even better than we could have possibly imagined. It is simply stunning!”
Julie Herbison
Director University Events and Relations

“I never dreamed that we would have the advantage of a full team of professionals or that the finished project would be so perfect”
Daniel K, Church, PHD
President, Bastyr University